[Gambas-user] Spanish Translation updated #295.

Martín mbelmonte at belmotek.net
Thu Jun 8 14:05:59 CEST 2023

El 8/6/23 a las 12:29, Benoit Minisini escribió:
> You should use the IDE to translate the Gambas project. If you have 
> features in your own translation program that you miss in the IDE 
> translation dialog, tell me. 

Well, the translation form is designed to translate the program open in 
the IDE, I prefer an independent program to translate, with much more 
features, but it maybe that features will be not possible to include in 
the IDE translation form.

For example some features I like, so I put into Crustacea which is more 
ambitious project I plan to add more features in future like code 
introspection other even conversion to other programing language, but 
its is another topic.

There are a few features I would like:
1) That translations from programs are stored locally in a JSON file, 
this would allow to leverage translations from one program for another 
(as long as the phrase matches of course).
2) The translator form to be independent of the open project.
3) I would like to choose the default translation that will appear in 
the form, not the system translation.
4) That the translator doesn't create any empty .po with the 
localisation of the system, for example I use a system with localisation 
es_AR and but the translations I do are es.po but the 
IDE/TranslatiorForm always creates a file es_AR.po that I will never 
use, it's true that later it deletes it, but these things make me 
nervous :-) (Maybe I'm getting old).
5) TreeView with all the gambas projects.
6) List the ones that are translatable, not translatable or all of them.
7) GridView with 3 fields, source, target, database.
8) A panel that shows all the possible translations to be done and that 
marks in some way if the translation of that language exists and if it 
is the current output translation.
9) Button to run the program in the current output language.
10) Button to open the project with the IDE.
11) Button to open the project directory with the system file manager.
12) Button to list all the sentences to be translated and send them to 
DeepL stipulating the source and output language.
13) Button to list all the sentences to be translated and send them to 
Google Translator, specifying the source and output language.
14) Paste the translations previously copied from the translation page.
15 ) Keyboard commands, e.g. when pressing the space bar the selected 
sentence will be omitted from the translation (which in the .po file is 
# gb-ignore) or not (see X in the attached image).


Best regards.


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