[Gambas-user] Spanish Translation updated #295.

Benoit Minisini benoit.minisini at gambas-basic.org
Thu Jun 8 12:29:07 CEST 2023

Le 08/06/2023 à 12:17, Martín a écrit :
> El 5/6/23 a las 22:02, Benoit Minisini escribió:
>> Done. Do you plan to do the same thing in the translations of 
>> component projects?
> Some comments about translation in general.
> The first thing I check is the .project file and in most of the projects 
> I find:
> Language=en and Translate=1
> But, there are some projects that despite having the phrases in English 
> I find Language=fr and in some cases there is no Translate=1 key, for 
> example:
> gb.chart, gb.dbus.trayicon, gb.desktop, gb.form.stock, gb.logging, 
> gb.map, gb.markdown, gb.media.form, gb.memcached, gb.mysql, gb.net.smtp, 
> gb.scanner, gb.settings, gb.util.web, gb.web
> Should these projects be translated? If so, maybe the maintainers of 
> these projects should change them to Translate=1, Language=en?

Projects that must be translated have the "project is translatable" 
option set in the project configuration dialog (Translate=1 in the 
'.project' file).

If this option is not set, the project must not be translated.

> Then the project .gb.term.form gives problems when translating with my 
> program (Crustacea) because the description includes characters "\n" in 
> the IDE translator there is no problem. But I will be grateful if the 
> description does not have these "\n" characters as this will make my 
> translation work easier.

'\n' is perfectly allowed in any string (translatable or translated), so 
it's a problem if your translation program does not support them.

You should use the IDE to translate the Gambas project. If you have 
features in your own translation program that you miss in the IDE 
translation dialog, tell me.

> Then gb.mysql has inside the project the ".lang" directory but in the 
> .project file there is no Translate=1 mark and although the sentences 
> are in English it is marked as Language=fr. Maybe it would be necessary 
> to update this project? Should it be translated?

I'm not the author of that component, I can't tell. If a project is not 
marked as translatable, you can ignore it, even if it should.


Benoît Minisini.

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