[Gambas-user] Math query

Martín mbelmonte at belmotek.net
Mon Jun 5 18:05:54 CEST 2023

El 5/6/23 a las 13:59, Fabien Bodard escribió:
> I need help
> I have two vector
> Object (px,py,dx,dy)
> Player (px,py,dx,dy)
> I need to know the angle between player and object vector in 360deg
> Easy for 180.. but 360 I'm stuck

But the absolute angle between two vectors (a1) will always be 0, 180 or 
something in between, if you want to know the angle in the other scan 
direction a2 = 360 - a1.

to calculate angle between 2 vectors in the plane:

'' Angle in radians from +x axis

Public Function Angle(af1 As Float[], af2 As Float[]) As Float

   Dim a As Float
   Dim b As Float
   Dim r As Float

   a = (af2[1] - af1[1])
   b = (af2[0] - af1[0])
   If b <> 0 Then
     r = ATan(a / b)

   Return r


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