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Hans Lehmann hans at gambas-buch.de
Thu Jun 1 13:58:41 CEST 2023


In a database project for our online book on www.gambas-buch.de only 
classes of the component gb.db are used! The collection of the data of 
the DB fields is done by DataControls. It is assumed that 6 records are 
displayed in the DataBrowser. All fields are displayed in the 
DataBrowser at the start of the programme. No filter is set. The records 
in the DataBrowser are sorted by a field name (descending) and the 1st 
record row is highlighted.

I need help with the following tasks:

(1) If a selected record is only changed, then after saving the new 
field values should be displayed and the highlighting should remain.
(2) If a new record is added, then the new record should be inserted and 
marked at the appropriate position of the sorting in the DataBrowser.
(3) If a data set is deleted, the data set before it should be marked 
afterwards. If the first record is to be deleted, then the second record 
is marked if it exists.

I am grateful for any hints.

With kind regards

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