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Gianluigi gradobag at gradobag.it
Thu Jul 13 14:46:36 CEST 2023

Il 13/07/23 13:44, Christof Thalhofer ha scritto:
> Dear Gian,
> Am 13.07.23 um 13:10 schrieb Gianluigi:
>> Il 13/07/23 12:15, Gianluigi ha scritto:
>>> Il 13/07/23 00:38, Gianluigi ha scritto:
>>>> Il 12/07/23 20:46, Christof Thalhofer ha scritto:
>>>>> For instance if in a (RDBMS) database schema there are no primary 
>>>>> keys defined or if theŕe are no relations defined with foreign 
>>>>> keys pointing to specific primary keys Gambas will not prevent the 
>>>>> user from creating orders for nonexisting customers.
>>>>> This is one of the core tasks of an RDBMS.
>>>>> As I recall, you once tried to convince me that you didn't need 
>>>>> primary and foreign key constraints ("referential integrity is not 
>>>>> used in professional databases"), that it was too special, and 
>>>>> that yes, Gambas could do it all.
> ...
>> I forgot, I'd really like to know where you saw an example of my 
>> database with tables without primary keys, I have no idea how you 
>> could figure that out...
> I didn't say that. I wanted to show an example of possible errors in 
> the creation of a database schema, which an inexperienced user can 
> make. You can build a Gambas application on top of that but sooner or 
> later you will get crippled data.
> Btw, I think this is a bit off-topic now. For others ... this adresses 
> a private discussion, Gian and I had about the importance of 
> referential integrity in RDBMS together with Gambas applications on 
> top of it. In this context it may be of general interest after all, 
> which is why I am answering here.
> And Gian, AFAIK the only mail from you that I didn't answer was the 
> one, in which you told me that you "think the opposite". Ok, I can 
> tell things based on experience, but if you answer me that you think 
> the opposite, I'm done. If that's what you'd like, think the opposite, 
> I won't try to convince you further.
> And don't worry, I'm not offended. :-)
> Alles Gute
> Christof Thalhofer
Hi Christof,

maybe I misspoke, but I really don't think I said that about databases I 
think the opposite of you.
How could I, since I don't know what you think but I know you've worked 
on it.
The translator may have contributed.
On foreign keys I know I said that there are professional databases that 
don't use them, in a discussion on our Italian forum (where I argued for 
their usefulness) some came up with even examples and explanations and I 
just mentioned it without elaborating (I couldn't).
I may have said that on the DB component use of gb.db I think 
differently from you that you do not apreciate it.
I repeat I have never worked on professional databases, all I know are 
small self-produced tests and having put back into operation the Access 
database of a metal company my client (I used to sell him stationery).
However, we are talking about twenty years ago.

I agree with you that this is off-topic so I would say close it here or, 
if the topic interests someone, open another post.



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