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Gianluigi gradobag at gradobag.it
Sat Jul 8 19:05:28 CEST 2023

Il 08/07/23 18:24, Claus Dietrich ha scritto:
> Am 08.07.23 um 15:39 schrieb Gianluigi:
>> Il 07/07/23 21:46, T Lee Davidson ha scritto:
>>> On 7/7/23 11:26, Gianluigi wrote:
>>> DataView.Update appears to do nothing.
>> What do you suggest, do I write a bugtracker report and if so what 
>> should I say more (or less) than this?
>> Benoit wants one bug at a time but in this case how to do it?
>>> [code] ...
>> Regards
>> Gianluigi
> What an incidence. Yesterday I sent an email to Hans and reported the 
> same issue - without having seen this thread. I finally succeeded to 
> update the DataView after a change of a cell, but this can only be 
> done when the control is entirely re-initialized, including all 
> formatting stuff.  I wouldn't call it a bug, but I suggest to place a 
> feature request for an update of displayed records when they have been 
> changed by code.  BTW, I was surprised that the DataSource doesn't 
> throw a Change or BeforeSave event like with the DataBrowser.
> It should be checked, whether the DataBrowser has the same problem.
> Data-bound controls of Microsoft have such an "update" function. 
> Quote: "Used in updating operations to attempt to update the displayed 
> record in the data source with the values provided by the user. Raises 
> the ItemUpdating and ItemUpdated events."
> Best regards
> Claus

Hi Claus,

thanks for your reply, unfortunately the explanation of how you managed 
to update the DataView is not clear to me.
Can you exemplify it with some code in the project present at this link:

With best regards


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