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Gianluigi gradobag at gradobag.it
Sat Jul 8 18:26:30 CEST 2023

Il 08/07/23 17:53, T Lee Davidson ha scritto:
> On 7/8/23 09:39, Gianluigi wrote:
>> Il 07/07/23 21:46, T Lee Davidson ha scritto:
> [snip]
>>> First, I think DataView.Create and DataSource.Create should be 
>>> separated into distinct event handlers as in the code below, because 
>>> one is for creating a new record and the other is for saving the 
>>> record.
>> I thought I could use it with bUpdate to False and to save the 
>> records written in the DataControls use DataSource.Save, with the 
>> BeforeSave preemptive filter.
>> But even so it shows all the malfunctions already described, even by 
>> you (more precisely).
> Okay. I can't see any reason why that strategy wouldn't work. But, the 
> function of creating a new record for editing (Add) and the function 
> of saving the edited record (Save) should be separated. Otherwise, the 
> user would have no opportunity to edit the record before it is saved 
> with DataSource.Create.
>>> Second, I suspect the difficulty you are having is due to bugs in 
>>> the Controls.
>> I think you are referring to DataSource and DataView
> Yes, I was referring to the data controls; primarily DataView but also 
> DataControl.
>> What do you suggest, do I write a bugtracker report and if so what 
>> should I say more (or less) than this?
>> Benoit wants one bug at a time but in this case how to do it?
> There appear to be four issues:
> 1. DataView.Create does not add a new record unless 
> DataView.Editable=True. This may be intended behavior; I don't know.
> 2. When a newly created record is saved with DataSource.Create, 
> DataView improperly displays the updated table data by duplicating the 
> last record instead of showing the new (correctly saved) record.
> 3. DataView.Update appears to do nothing. (I added a 'refresh' 
> ToolButton to the form to explicitly test this.)
> 4. The date chooser presented in a DataControl for a date-based field 
> automatically saves the record when it is closed. It should not do so.
Hi Lee,

thank you again for your prompt reply.
Before sending a report with your suggestions, I will try to see if 
Benoit would like to respond.

I agree that you can't save something before you ... save it :-)
But I refer you to the FBrowser New button code of the gb.db.form 
component and this says:

Public Sub btnNew_Click()

   'DIM hSrc AS DataSource = Common.GetSource(ME)
   '$iIndex = -1


dvwBrowser is actually a DataView and $hSrc is the DataSource btnNew is 
like my btnAdd

With best regards


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