[Gambas-user] qt4/qt5 and gb.gui.qt

T Lee Davidson t.lee.davidson at gmail.com
Sat Jul 8 06:07:04 CEST 2023

On 7/7/23 20:25, gbWilly via User wrote:
> Hi Lee,
> So, to make a package for both qt4 and qt5 I need gb.gui.qt which will install depending on what is available on the target system. I can't package for gb.gui.qt as I have no gb.gui.qt.ext. And no gb.gui.ext also complains during compilation with a TextEditor on a form, so forget making a package without it, unless you remove the TextEditor of course...

Ah, yes, I see what you mean.

> So, I have a workaround, but it kind off makes no sense to have no gb.gui.qt.ext component so you can package applications using TextEditor gb.qt4/gb.qt5 independent.

I agree. It is quite a sticky conundrum. There is another potential workaround, but it seems rather ugly.

I created a working app with TextEdit based on gb.qt5 and gb.qt5.ext. Then, in the packaging wizard step "7. Extra 
dependencies", I added gb.qt4 and gb.qt4.ext.

The installation software (YAST2 on this system) complains that nothing can provide gb.qt4 and gives the option to break the 
application by ignoring some of its dependencies. I chose that option and then also told the installer to ignore the failed 
integrity check.

It installed, and works. I do not know if that strategy would work to install on a qt4 system since the TextEdit component 
(coded with gb.qt5.ext) may have a hard dependency on qt5, and I also have no gb.qt4 nor gb.qt4.ext available to test it.


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