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Tue Jan 31 03:12:47 CET 2023

 > graphics system not designed for network use

That I don't understand at all. It is simply canceling UNIX for me. Main 
benefit of using UNIX for me always was that I can display a window of a 
program on any machine I want. Windows has it with Seamless RDP, FreeBSD 
and Linux has it with X. It's a must, it's a killer feature. And now 
this Wayland makes a step back in UNIX development.

 > the amount of distros that are (however slowly) moving towards Wayland

I'm in awe too. Why. Just why. How does one consider replacing stable 
and feature-rich component of OS that takes itself seriously with a beta 
product openly unintendeing to be even close to features the current 
component has. That I also don't understand at all.

31.01.2023 1:40, Joe1962 via User пишет:
> On 2023-01-30 07:36, Admin wrote:
>> I frequently notice here in the maillist that people ask why this and
>> that and whatnot does not work in Wayland, and I am always very
>> surprised by this questions. Why do you wanna use this someone's
>> unimportant abomination of a code if it would most certainly be
>> forgotten soon anyway as a stillborn. Moving windows in Wayland is one
>> of many thing that is strictly forbidden. The Idea behind this is that
>> if your program knows where on screen it is, or, god forbid, other
>> program will know this - then you are in GRAVE DANGER because it is a
>> deadly vulnerability. This hipster-only attempt to replace Xorg, wich,
>> among other things, simply works - is not, IMHO, of any interest to
>> anyone who is at least 13 years old.
>> I hate Wayland with passion, yes. It's not secure, it's beyond absurd
>> restrictive. Your question was "Is it forgetting or a bug" - it's
>> neither. It's Wayland's developers telling you they know better what
>> you should and should not do with your PC and order you to stop
>> wishing stuff they don't want you to. "Is There a turn-around?" Of
>> course there is. Use Xorg. Main benefit - it works. It always did. It
>> never was broken so it does not need to be fixed. It's just that today
>> many X features were re-written on the side of toolkits and window
>> managers, and X can do so many things, that just became obsolete, so
>> some smartass thought "Oh wow, If I can rip DRI from X and say I made
>> a new graphics server for Linux, I would be famous". Linux never
>> needed that. There's no benefits of using Wayland. There are infinite
>> number of downsides to using Wayland, some of which are due to it's
>> just ridiculously raw and crawling with bugs, and some are due to
>> babies that develop it are simply torn from reality and are not driven
>> by what people need from Linux GUI but rather what they want people
>> to.
> My feelings, more or less, heh heh...
> I did buy into the Wayland hype at first, since I figured that a 
> graphics system not designed for network use would be faster, more 
> stable and easier to maintain. Since then, however, I've noticed it 
> never seems to get closer to being ready. Also, it frightens me all 
> the stuff it doesn't allow and all the software it doesn't support 
> correctly, plus the amount of distros that are (however slowly) moving 
> towards Wayland.
> Regards,
> Joe1962
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