[Gambas-user] wayland and screen

jose.rodriguez at cenpalab.cu jose.rodriguez at cenpalab.cu
Mon Jan 30 19:40:02 CET 2023

On 2023-01-30 07:36, Admin wrote:
> I frequently notice here in the maillist that people ask why this and
> that and whatnot does not work in Wayland, and I am always very
> surprised by this questions. Why do you wanna use this someone's
> unimportant abomination of a code if it would most certainly be
> forgotten soon anyway as a stillborn. Moving windows in Wayland is one
> of many thing that is strictly forbidden. The Idea behind this is that
> if your program knows where on screen it is, or, god forbid, other
> program will know this - then you are in GRAVE DANGER because it is a
> deadly vulnerability. This hipster-only attempt to replace Xorg, wich,
> among other things, simply works - is not, IMHO, of any interest to
> anyone who is at least 13 years old.
> I hate Wayland with passion, yes. It's not secure, it's beyond absurd
> restrictive. Your question was "Is it forgetting or a bug" - it's
> neither. It's Wayland's developers telling you they know better what
> you should and should not do with your PC and order you to stop
> wishing stuff they don't want you to. "Is There a turn-around?" Of
> course there is. Use Xorg. Main benefit - it works. It always did. It
> never was broken so it does not need to be fixed. It's just that today
> many X features were re-written on the side of toolkits and window
> managers, and X can do so many things, that just became obsolete, so
> some smartass thought "Oh wow, If I can rip DRI from X and say I made
> a new graphics server for Linux, I would be famous". Linux never
> needed that. There's no benefits of using Wayland. There are infinite
> number of downsides to using Wayland, some of which are due to it's
> just ridiculously raw and crawling with bugs, and some are due to
> babies that develop it are simply torn from reality and are not driven
> by what people need from Linux GUI but rather what they want people
> to.

My feelings, more or less, heh heh...

I did buy into the Wayland hype at first, since I figured that a 
graphics system not designed for network use would be faster, more 
stable and easier to maintain. Since then, however, I've noticed it 
never seems to get closer to being ready. Also, it frightens me all the 
stuff it doesn't allow and all the software it doesn't support 
correctly, plus the amount of distros that are (however slowly) moving 
towards Wayland.


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