[Gambas-user] Understanding the translation process

Martin mbelmonte at belmotek.net
Mon Jan 30 16:16:52 CET 2023

El 30/1/23 a las 15:59, Bruce Steers escribió:
> He means in the gambas .project file...

Regarding the *.poject* file, I use it because I don't know any other 
way to get the information there, maybe later I will think of another 
way or someone will tell me how to do it better.

Regarding *Settings.class* I don't use it and I will never use it 
because it makes me mad when empty or 0 value entries are deleted and 
other weird things like that. Instead I use a class we made with 
Tercoide where we can assign values or retrieve them and we can use the 
. operator in the style Config.this_is_the_key which avoids a lot of 
human errors when you have to write the keys manually in the style 


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