[Gambas-user] Understanding the translation process

Gianluigi gradobag at gradobag.it
Mon Jan 30 16:08:08 CET 2023

Il 30/01/23 15:44, Martin ha scritto:
> Is DoNotTranslate an undocumented syntax?
> What exactly do you mean by configurations that may change at any moment?
> What I wanto to achive is translate as "automatically" as possible the 
> Gambas projects, including the IDE, in principle into Spanish.
> To do this:
> 1) I take what is inside the *.pot* file as a base of what needs to be 
> translated (now minus the classes with the DoNotTranslate mark).
> 2) I put the translated phrases for each phrase of the original 
> language if they are in the local translation database or if the file 
> es.po exists, for example.
> 3) I save the new *es.po* file and create a copy of the existing one 
> (if it exists).
> 4) I re-read all the translations of all the projects in my Gambas 
> project directory to add the new sentences to the database if there 
> are any.
> In this way I get files of the style en-es.json where the translations 
> of all the programmes are stored in all the available languages, which 
> allows me to check, for example with Writer, for spelling mistakes, 
> grammatical errors etc.
> Martin

Hi Martin,

I don't see how you could automate any better than what the Gambas 
translations window already does.

I don't see how your proposed work is any shorter.

Now all I need to do is open Gambas3 in the Gambas IDE, open the 
translations window (Translate button), click on the 'Find next 
untranslated string' button do the automatic translation and if it 
doesn't go well change the translation.

I can't find anything faster in what you wrote.

Maybe I am wrong but I would like to understand where.

With friendship


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