[Gambas-user] Understanding the translation process

BB adamnt42 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 09:57:08 CET 2023

On 30/1/23 7:09 pm, Martin wrote:
> El 27/1/23 a las 12:12, Martin escribió:
>> My question is why in the .pot file there are 87 sentences to 
>> translate and in the IDE translator there are only 5.
>> Why what for the compiler is "translatable" for the translation form 
>> is not?
> Any thoughts on this?

Just as an aside, it would be kind of nice to have an indicator in the 
IDE "Open" and "Recent" items to indicate whether a project is 
translatable and some sort of general status of the current state of the 

However, I haven't actually found any instance of the type you describe. 
Maybe you could post a sample project.



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