[Gambas-user] how to use gb.map offline?

Gianluigi gradobag at gradobag.it
Sun Jan 29 12:22:24 CET 2023

Il 29/01/23 12:07, roberto.premoli at tiscali.it ha scritto:
> Hi Gianluigi,
>  thanks for attached project.
> I download and run, but it get stuck in
> Public Sub Form_Open()
> at the loop:
>   For Each sLine As String In Split(File.Load("mps.txt"), "\n")
>     $aMapPoints.Add(MapPoint.FromString(sLine))
>   Next
> error is related to $aMapPoints.Add(MapPoint.FromString(sLine)) that 
> is reported as: "simbolo sconosciuto 'fromString' nella classe 
> 'MapPoint' nel Fmain:11"
> i tried to comment the loop as follow
>   'For Each sLine As String In Split(File.Load("mps.txt"), "\n")
>   '  $aMapPoints.Add(MapPoint.FromString(sLine))
>   'Next
> and rerun the program but it get stuk at: 
> MapView1.Map["Shape"].AddPoint("Position", $aMapPoints[0]) that is 
> reported as: 'fuori dai limiti'.
> If commet als that, i fonud another error more firther, so it seems 
> one of two: or the program is bugged since beginning (i don't think 
> so) ol problem is somewhere else.
> So, still the same question: do i miss something? Or is gambas 3.15.2 
> maybe present in debian stable too old to handle this project?
> If needed, I can move to 3.17.x from backports, even if i dislike to 
> "contaminate" the "stable" of debian but if i must kneel down to 
> 'necessary evil', i will do.
> Roberto
Hi Roberto and Fabien,

Even here with the latest master version of Gambas I get the same error 
as you.
Row 11 $aMapPoints.Add(MapPoint.FromString(sLine)) <--- Unknown symbol.
Strange because the symbol is present in the class :-\
Fabien I haven't used gb.map for a long time, am I wrong or am I 
forgetting something

Greetings to all


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