[Gambas-user] IDE Default language for new projects

Martin mbelmonte at belmotek.net
Tue Jan 24 22:42:54 CET 2023

El 21/1/23 a las 23:12, gian via User escribió:
> Hi Martin,
> If I type in the terminal:
> $ LANG="de_DE.UTF-8" gambas3
> here I open Gambas in German
> (of course the language must be installed in the system)
> As far as I know in GNU Linux the base language is US English and Gambas 
> respects the rule.


Its works only in linux terminal but not in internal gambas call Shell. 
Any idea?

If I write this in linux terminal the Gambas3 IDE open at the project 
"test" in french.

LANG='fr_FR.UTF-8' '/usr/bin/gambas3' '/home/user/test'

But if I use:

Shell "LANG='fr_FR.UTF-8' '/usr/bin/gambas3' '/home/user/test'"

This open the project but in my local lamguage (spanish) not in French.

Best regards.

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