[Gambas-user] Arithmetic general question

BB adamnt42 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 24 05:53:54 CET 2023

I am having a "senior" day.

Var1 and Var2 are defined as Variants. Say Var1 is an integer value 1300 
and Var2 is a float value 1285.44 I want to get the difference between 
the two _as an integer_. (Var2 can be bigger or smaller than Var1)

If I just use  Var1 - Var2, I get (printed as an integer) 14, but is 
that arithmetically correct? Similarly, if Var2 is 1318.55 I get -18

Should I be converting or rounding the values before doing the 
subtraction? I just can't get my head around this. Just looking for a 
fresh mind to look at it.



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