[Gambas-user] IDE Default language for new projects

Martin mbelmonte at belmotek.net
Sat Jan 21 22:07:39 CET 2023

El 21/1/23 a las 14:53, Bruce Steers escribió:
> It now uses the System.Language setting to choose default language after i
> moaned because i was having to set mine to English (UK) every time, so
> Benoit made it select the system language not the old English (USA) default.
> Do you use an old gambas version?
I'm using version 3.17.3 at the moment until the Manjaro repositories 
are updated.
Is true the version 3.18 takes the system language but I want more 
control over the ide behaviour so that it doesn't use the system 
language and doesn't use US English but uses the language I specify.

Because it can happen as it is my case that I use the desktop in es_AR 
and I program in common English (I had been doing it in USA English) 
then I would have to change it every time I create a project and I would 
like to change it only once in the configuration.

Then there is the other issue related to the language of the program 
being common English or common Spanish and not a regional variant, but 
this is a more complicated issue to solve or find a consensus.

I try to translate into Spanish (common) the Gambas IDE, the components 
and the examples that are there but I find that one is made with en_US 
another with en_GB, from my point of view as a translator I hope that 
everything is in an English as neutral and without localisms as possible 
(common English).
I think that the IDE, the components and the examples should move 
towards a common English and leave aside the local variants.
I share the idea but, as I am relatively new to translating Gambas, 
maybe I am saying things that don't make practical sense, sorry if that 
is the case.

For example, in preference / projects there could be a default language 
variable, to choose between system or manual where manual enables to 
choose the language one wants.
Or directly a list in a combobox that gives the option to choose a 
language or the system language.

Best regards.

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