[Gambas-user] Settings.Write(MyForm) could it only update pos/size if not maximized?

Bruce Steers bsteers4 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 20 01:28:32 CET 2023

Hey Ben.
I've noticed something if we save a window position on program exit with
Settings.Write(Me) (my programs and the gambas ide)

if the window is maximized the geometry saves as the full window size, the
screen and adds a var to the .Settings variant[] to specify if it's

On Reloading a previously maximized form and a Settings.Read(Me) call it
restores the windows full screen size then sets Maximized = True.

Then if you un-maximize the window is still full screen just not maximized.

Wouldn't it be better or could we have an option to save the last known
window dimensions if maximized?

Does that make sense? and would it even work?
So if window was maximized on closing then on the next load it would
restore the non-maximized size, then maximize the window, then upon
un-maximizing the window should shrink to the last saved un-maximized size.

It seems pointless (and i think my idea is a better method) to save the
windows size if maximized considering the Settings.class will set
Form.Maximized = True anyway.

I feel that previous window position/size was data i wish i hadn't lost :(


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