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gian bagoneo at libero.it
Mon Jan 16 23:57:43 CET 2023

Il 16/01/23 23:01, Martin ha scritto:
> El 16/1/23 a las 13:13, gian via User escribió:
>> This is because, as mentioned, gambas imports (or saves) the .po file 
>> by removing the hyphen so that the translations appear incomplete.
> Perhaps this will help to clarify the matter.
> Let's take the word "Desktop" as an example.
> I don't know how it was before but now if you put "-" in the translation 
> for desktop in the it.po file it will remove the "-" in the translation 
> but will add a flag indicating that this phrase should be ignored when 
> translating. For example:
> Here in gambas ide translator is the "-"
> ```
> # gb-ignore
> #: FHeadache.form:72
> msgid "Desktop"
> msgstr ""
> ```
> Here in gambas ide translator is not the "-"
> ```
> #: FHeadache.form:72
> msgid "Desktop"
> msgstr ""
> ```
> Conclusion: If you put "-" in the ide translator wich indicate Skip 
> tranlation the effect in .po file is # gb-ignore but not msgstr "-"
> Best regards.
> Martin.

Hi Martin,

I clearly did not explain myself well.
I was talking about the translation window and its status bar that 
informs about the percentage of translations done.

I use the translation window inside the Gambas IDE to translate.

I have two directories in the home, both containing the Gambas project, 
the directory I use to compile Gambas which clones the master from 
gambas/gambas.git and the directory I use to translate Gambas which 
clones from my fork.

I use this procedure, I check the cloned master from the gambas git 
where I do the translations sometimes in several times, in the spare 
time (I use a third directory where I save the .po files).

Then from the updated fork gambas, again by means of the translation 
window, I import the translations, then: commit, push and merge.

See attached image


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