[Gambas-user] Tranlation to spanish

Martin mbelmonte at belmotek.net
Fri Jan 13 19:56:34 CET 2023

El 13/1/23 a las 18:59, Benoit Minisini escribió:
> If the translation is the same as the original in spanish, it does not 
> mean this is the case in another language.
Yes, I agree on this, maybe the example is not good because you are 
right that in some languages MiB is used more and in others MB. Anyway I 
mean texts that will never be translated in any language, for example: 
("Unix") unless in some language like Korean, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese 
or Russian it is not possible or not advisable to write with Latin 
characters. As far as I can see this is not the case, in the Chinese 
translation of Gambas I see texts like XML, OpenGL, GTK+, QT5, Cairo, 
Gambas, ODBC, MAC etc. etc. I don't know if this happens on purpose or 
it is a mistake of the Chinese translation.
I'm just trying to understand what is the philosophy used in the Gambas 
project to translate correctly.
But with what I have been told and a bit of experimentation I think I 
can do something more or less correct.

Best regards

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