[Gambas-user] Tranlation to spanish

Martin mbelmonte at belmotek.net
Fri Jan 13 19:31:40 CET 2023

El 13/1/23 a las 16:21, gian via User escribió:
> I open the gambas ide and navigate to the gambas folder
> ...
> Where the translation is unnecessary like "Audio" which is the same in 
> Italian, or "Desktop" which I don't use translate I put the hyphen (-).
> ...
 > Once all the translations are done I send them as instructed by the wiki.

Ok, here I do more o less the same.
Note: if the ide is 3.17.3 is not possible edit the translation of the 
master (3.18.0) because some new components or controls are missing 
because these are new.

> The rest you wrote is not clear to me 😕
The idea is that in the code if you put a text string like this: ("Text 
that will be translated because it is in brackets") it will go to the 
translation list while if you put "Text that will not be translated 
because it is NOT in brackets" it will not go to the translation list 
i.e. to the .po file.
On the other hand in the forms it is also possible to indicate which 
controls not to translate (by default everything is translated).

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