[Gambas-user] Tranlation to spanish

gian bagoneo at libero.it
Fri Jan 13 16:21:14 CET 2023

Il 13/01/23 13:26, Martin ha scritto:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to update the translation of Gambas to Spanish since it's 1 
> year since the last change. So I followed the tutorial, creating the 
> fork etc.
> First question (logistics)
> I see that, in the case of Spanish there are about 4 users listed as 
> translators, so the first question is: To update a translation, do I 
> have to contact any of these translators? if so, which one? How are they 
> working? or... Do I just translate the fork and make the merge request 
> and that's it?
> Second question (technical)
> I find many text sentences that I think should not be among the 
> translations (please see the code below as an example). I understand 
> that by putting a "-" in the translation for a text string it will not 
> be translated but I think wouldn't it be better if that string doesn't 
> appear in the list of strings to translate? Of course, for this to be 
> the case, small changes would have to be made in many places. What do 
> you think about this?
> Next topic, how to translate Gambas3 IDE, with the IDE or with a 
> standalone program like PoEdit?
> ...
> Best regards
> Martin.

Hi Martin,

I'm the last one who should answer you, I changed distribution and I 
haven't had the courage to clone the fork on my computer yet, I'm afraid 
to make my usual messes (Christof and not only him, is a victim of my 
many questions), it's been a while since I do translations, anyway I do 
(used to do) this way:

I open the gambas ide and navigate to the gambas folder (the one cloned 
in the computer) inside the folder, depending on what I want to 
translate example the Gambas3 IDE I move to > app > src > gambas3 and 
use the Gambas translator which normally works fine, otherwise, if the 
translation doesn't convince me, I adjust the translation as needed.
On the other hand, if I need to translate a component, say gb.form I 
move to > comp > src > gb.form etc.

Where the translation is unnecessary like "Audio" which is the same in 
Italian, or "Desktop" which I don't use translate I put the hyphen (-).

Once all the translations are done I send them as instructed by the wiki.

The rest you wrote is not clear to me :-\

I add my own question: if once I give the command 'git clone 
git at gitlab.com:<my-user-name>/gambas.git' I do 'git pull upstream 
master' do I get the last master on my computer?
I don't have to do anything else?

I greet you amicably


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