[Gambas-user] system has hung a lot recently.

Tim Dickson dickson.tim at googlemail.com
Fri Jan 13 10:55:27 CET 2023

woops, my bad, I forgot the Ctrl bit should apply to my comments as 
well. :-) ie. read Ctl-Alt-Fx where I wrote alt-Fx
regards, Tim

On 12/01/2023 14:17, T Lee Davidson wrote:
> On 1/12/23 06:30, Tim Dickson via User wrote:
>> usually,as you say alt-F1 to alt-F6 are vt's and alt-F7 is for 
>> graphical gui's
>> however, more recently, some window session managers, - think sddm 
>> are often configured to re-use the tty1 (alt-F1)
>> so it is worth adding that to the list when attempting to switch back 
>> to the gui.
>> regards, Tim
>> On 11/01/2023 21:24, BB wrote:
>>> Alt-F7 or Alt-F8 should take you back to the desktop
>>> Alt-F1 to Alt-F6 are virtual terminals, the desktop usually runs on 
>>> vt7 but it can vary. Read up on /etc/inittab
>>> b
> Interesting. On my openSUSE (w/ KDE) system, it is Ctrl-Alt-F1 through 
> F6 that switches to a TTY. Alt-F1 brings up the application menu.

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