[Gambas-user] system has hung a lot recently.

Bruce Steers bsteers4 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 11 19:31:16 CET 2023

Has anyone else been finding their system frozen while debugging gambas

It's happened to me a lot of late , to the point i'm emailing here about it
It seems to happen when error in a menu handler and it happens with the
attached project.

What happens..
On error the debugger shows the normal msg and red line of text etc..
but I no longer have any input control.  mouse clicks and keyboard do
The pointer moves around the screen but i cannot click anything.
All i can do is hold down the power button and hard reset.

The attached project has an error in FMain that fires if you right click in
the display.

line 220 this function in FMain i moved from another class.
Public Sub mnuMain_Show()

  mnuInfo.Text = Me.Dir


Me.Dir does not exists, so it errors. but then it's all over for me :-\
I tried the ide in both gtk an qt but still my system hangs and i gotta
kill it.

Like i say it's happened a bit recently with other errors (i think mostly
menu related) so i thought worth mentioning.

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