[Gambas-user] No Compile possible - Problem at "make install"

gian bagoneo at libero.it
Wed Jan 11 15:05:51 CET 2023

Il 11/01/23 14:08, Peter Kostrz ha scritto:
> Hello Bemoit,
> Thanks a lot. Then I will go back on the environment to 3.17.3 ..... Have a nice day
> Peter

Hi Peter,

NOTE: These instructions only work on a system without Gambas3 installed 
and with all libraries installed.

If you would like to *compile* stable 3.17.3 click on this link:
download the tarball to your home and also unzip it using the right 
mouse button.
Change the name to the folder to gambastable and then use the commands 
to install that I passed you above or change the commands to the name of 
the folder, as you prefer



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