[Gambas-user] Java benchmarks

Benoit Minisini benoit.minisini at gambas-basic.org
Tue Jan 10 21:54:43 CET 2023


I have just added java versions of the benchmarks used for generating 
the 'benchmark' page of the wiki [1].

I used the OpenJDK Java virtual machine. I didn't test the official one.

I noticed the following:

- Sometimes the Java interpreter is faster than the Gambas interpreter, 
sometimes slower.

- The string management of Java is horribly slow if don't use its JIT 
compiler. Even if I tried to optimize the code of the benchmark (by 
using StringBuffer objects for example). But I'm not a Java programmer, 
so maybe I didn't follow the right way.

- The Gambas JIT compiler produces noticeably faster code than the Java one.


[1] https://gambaswiki.org/wiki/doc/benchmark

Benoît Minisini.

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