[Gambas-user] Limitations when using the embedded server for debugging

Claus Dietrich claus.dietrich at freenet.de
Mon Jan 9 21:09:43 CET 2023

During development of WebPage applications examples (based on gb.web) 
for the Gambas-Buch we noticed that HTML-linked(/included) files like 
CSS, icons/images, multimedia and JavaScript have to be in the .public 
directory if one wants to use the embedded server for debugging. If the 
linked files are located in any other project sub-directory (i.e. 
.hidden) they are not found. As a result, all files will end up in the 
compiled executable and hence are not changeable or replaceable.

Normally Gambas projects can use the .hidden directory to exclude files 
from the compiled executable, but this option is not available in 
conjunction with the embedded server. Even large movies will have to be 
included in the executable.

This limitation doesn't apply if an external server is used, but this 
requires the installation of a server on the development platform or a 
separate platform with SSH access.

Question: Why does this bothersome limitation exist, resp. can it be 
eliminated or is there a trick to include/ link files, if they are in 
the .hidden-directory?

With best regards


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