[Gambas-user] drag formats , trying to get text/uri-list operating properly

Bruce Steers bsteers4 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 8 02:40:40 CET 2023

We need a way to add more (or less) formats to a drag operation and not
just be allowed to set one.

I'm having trouble with gtk d-n-d in my application.
I cannot drag to MATE panel with gtk but i can if i use qt5
I assume it's because of the Format's being sent.

I set up my editor to report the Format , the Formats[] and the
Drag.Paste("text/uri-list") results

>From MATE panel.
format = application/x-panel-icon-internal
formats[] = application/x-panel-icon-internal, text/uri-list

>From MATE system menu
format = text/uri-list
formats[] = text/uri-list

>From caja
format = x-special/mate-icon-list
formats[] = x-special/mate-icon-list, text/uri-list,
text/plain;charset=utf-8, text/plain

>From nautilus
format = x-special/gnome-icon-list
formats[] = x-special/gnome-icon-list, text/uri-list,
text/plain;charset=utf-8, text/plain

My own gambas application using text/uri-list drag operation,
gtk2 & 3
format = text/uri-list
formats[] = text/uri-list, text/plain;charset=utf-8, text/plain
(gtk3 works but gtk2 does not)

for gtk Drag.Paste("text/uri-list") returns Null but the data can be
extracted from Drag.Data

format = text/uri-list
formats[] = text/uri-list, text/x-moz-url, text/plain

could i make it work by being able to control the Formats ?
Is it a gtk bug as qt5 d-n-d uri-list seems okay and with gtk
Drag.Paste("text/uri-list) returns nothing.

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