[Gambas-user] Executable location in package for gb.web.gui

Benoit Minisini benoit.minisini at gambas-basic.org
Fri Jan 6 15:11:09 CET 2023

Le 06/01/2023 à 15:09, Benoit Minisini a écrit :
> Le 06/01/2023 à 14:24, T Lee Davidson a écrit :
>> (Side note: I think it would be quite useful to have pre- and post- 
>> install shell script options for packaging.)
> This must be done for Rpm, Deb, ArchLinux and Slackware packages then. 
> Is it possible? Any volunteer?

At least it could be possible to make the '/usr/bin' directory 
configurable in the packager. But is it a good idea?

Benoît Minisini.

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