[Gambas-user] Problem with Embedded Server

Christof Thalhofer chrisml at deganius.de
Tue Feb 28 23:33:12 CET 2023

Am 28.02.23 um 16:44 schrieb T Lee Davidson:
> On 2/28/23 01:58, Christof Thalhofer wrote:
>>> I suspect there is a timeout on the connection count. So, perhaps
>>> there is a variance in delay before, "next time". And, of course, a
>>> relaunch would clear the connections.
>> ... I doubt that there's anything running in a timeout.

> I was referring to a timeout on the connection itself, ie. the time
> that must pass before a stale/inactive connection is freed by the
> server so a new one can be created. If 'max_connections' has been
> reached, no new connections can be created until one or more are
> freed.

Yes, but this would be reproducible. But it is not. It happens by 
random. And it can happen in the first second. Usually network timeouts 
happen after a couple of seconds at minimum due to the inherent 
unreliability of network connections

Ok, a new observation:

If it happens this gambas process runs at 100 percent forever:

/usr/bin/gbx3 -g -f /tmp/gambas.1000/gambas3-ide-debug-6552. -H 

I can hear the fan hissing right now.

Alles Gute

Christof Thalhofer

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