[Gambas-user] WebTable Background color of row selection

Bruce Steers bsteers4 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 28 21:24:11 CET 2023

On Tue, 28 Feb 2023 at 19:17, Mayost Sharon <sharon at 455.co.il> wrote:

> Hello
> It is not good that I define the yellow background color in both cells
> I want the table to be:
> Column 0 has a yellow background color
> Column 1 has a white background color
> But only when I select a certain row then it will color the entire row I
> selected to a blue background color
> I was able to do what I want but the problem is that it only works when I
> execute
> Me.Reload()
> And it doesn't seem successful because it refreshes the whole page every
> time
> Attached is an example of what I did
> Is there a better way?

I cannot find one.
Maybe the only way is to drop the WebTable folder from the source into your
project and edit it at the root.

I can get the correct effect but only using the Activate event so it only
works when double clicking a row.

Public Sub WebTable1_Data(Row As Integer, Column As Integer, Data As

 Select Case Column
    Case 0
      If Last.Current <> Row Then Data.Background =
Color.SetAlpha(Color.Yellow, 192)
      Data.Text = "Data: " & CString(Row) & "_" & CString(Column)
    Case 1
      Data.Html = "<button Class=\"button is-danger\">" & "Button: " &
CString(Row) & "_" & CString(Column) & "</button>"
  End Select


Public Sub WebTable1_Activate()


That way the Activate triggers a refresh and the Data.Background will not
be set if Row = WebTable1.Current

But i could not get it to work for a single click/select function , just

Good luck.
Ps. is there a reason it cannot be blue?

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