[Gambas-user] Problem with finished Shell Process.State <> Process.Stopped

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Mon Feb 27 08:41:37 CET 2023

On 27/2/23 3:14 pm, T Lee Davidson wrote:
> On 2/26/23 23:40, Bruce Steers wrote:
>> Almost as much as misplacing the Not in a test
>> If Not sString Begins "Something" Then
>>    Print "Damn it!!  'Not' is in the wrong place and has only tested 
>> if the string exists and I will need bug hunt this! :-\"
>> Endif
> Funny!

Actually, I don't think it's that funny at all. The help says:


_Result_ *= NOT* _Expression_

Computes the logical not of an expression.

The logical NOT operator takes one boolean expression and returns its 


*Why does Gambas interpret the _predicate_ to be the 
*_*String*__**__*object*_*and not the expression?* /sString /is not a 
boolean expression, /sString begins "Something" /is one.

The Not is acting as an operator rather than a logical condition , which 
is fine when we want to operate on some thing outside a logical 
condition, such as in xyzzy.Visible = not xyzzyVisible. But not so when 
it is used in a logical condition. Other examples are:

If Not A or B ...

If Not A and C or Not B and C ...

If Not A or Not B and C ..


If I really want to use Not as an operator in a logical expression then 
Gambas should force me to use "If Not(thing) and/or/=/Is/...

Of course, changing this at this stage of the language maturity would 
possibly break uncountable code but would it?

Just my (ever devaluing) 2 cents worth.


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