[Gambas-user] New component gb.fltk

Fabien TONIUTTI fabien.toniutti at free.fr
Sun Feb 26 16:13:18 CET 2023

Hi every one.

Fltk is a wonderfull, powerfull  and very fast toolkit library.

I asked long time ago if someone could develop this component for 
gambas. Answer was lost  on the moon... :-(

Recently, i have found one c++ library compatible with freebasic named 

*I have low level in Gambas programming for the moment, so i can't 
develop this component myself.

Could you think it should be complicated to link *fltk-c.bi *to gambas 
in a new component library, or it's better to develop a gb.fltk 
component from begining?


Library link : https://www.freebasic.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=24547

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