[Gambas-user] About the origin of Stock Icons

Jorge Carrión shordi at gmail.com
Mon Feb 20 22:57:03 CET 2023

Well, I try another way from another point of view: If we can't compare
Pictures... we can compare files. So, I try to save the picture of control
to a temporary file and compare its shasum against the shasum of Stock's
pictures and.. It works!
A example Project is Attached

Extract de shasum of all Stock's Pictures takes a while, so it is only in
first project running and stored on a text file. Following runnings simply
load that file and use it for comparisons.

I am very pleased with the result and it would not have been possible
without your ideas.
Thank you so much.

El lun, 20 feb 2023 a las 18:35, Jorge Carrión (<shordi at gmail.com>)

> El lun, 20 feb 2023 a las 18:21, Fabien Bodard (<gambas.fr at gmail.com>)
> escribió:
>> The other way :
>> Store the pictures in an array of picture
>> private  $aPicture as new picture[]
>> private $aNames as new string[]
>> for each s...
>>   $aPicture.Add(...)
>>   $aNames.Add(s)
>> next
>> then fill the listview with the array
>> for i = 0 to $aPicture.max
>>   listview.add( $aNames[i], $aNames[i], $apicture[i])
>> next
>> to get the item from the picture ?
>> $aNames[$aPicture.Find(ListView1.Item.Picture)]
>> Well it is not really useful :)
>> synonym of
>> ListView1.Item.Key
>> Some
> Something like that I've tried already, but using a collection...
> The basic idea is:
> Starting from any project (ours or made by others) that uses controls with
> stock icons, go through the controls class and to all the controls that
> have a Picture property, obtain the name of the assigned Picture.
> So, if our "Decorator" class has an image of the same name, replace it.
>  Best Regards
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