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Linus olivier.cruilles at yahoo.fr
Mon Feb 20 19:59:43 CET 2023

Hello Sharon,

Just a quick add on regarding WebDemoBoostrap demo I have added in the Software Farm of Gambas.

1) This is a little example to show how to use gb.web.gui component with common feature like Login page + Main page

2) The login page is based on SQLite in backend, that way, it’s possible to manage a ‘profile' for each user by adding more fields in the database

3) By default Gambas use a ‘minimum' bootstrap, but if like me, you want something more advanced, this example show you how to use Custom bootstrap.

You just should confider few things/restriction. I found Bulma Bootstrap great for this exercise because it is light and not using Javascript, mainly CSS files.
Bulma bootstrap just, most of the time, fit with "gb.web.gui" component without interfering with the minimum Bootstrap of Gambas but as it’s CSS if multiple entries in CSS file try to manipulate the same HTML Classes, it could appear conflict that will result to a render of the HTML page not wanted or expected.

4) To use Bulma Bootstrap in the little Demo, just refer to the official documentation and just change/add Classes in the properties of a Widget, in the field:  Class

Of course you can do it by code too. Ex   WebButton1.Call = "Button is-info"

5) I have tried to use another open source Bootstrap named "Otika bootstrap » but it did not work as Bulma, maybe due to it internal design. Free to you to test it. 

If you have questions, just ask me in the mailing list  

All this Demo is just a little project, I don’t pretend be an expert and it is just my understanding of the usage of this component.

I have built another projects, much more complex for myself, that’s why I have shared my little knowledge and research.

Olivier Cruilles

> Le 20 févr. 2023 à 11:50, Mayost Sharon <sharon at 455.co.il> a écrit :
> Hello
> I wanted to learn how to integrate Bootstrap or Bulma CSS
> I tried to run the example of: WebDemoBootstrap
> From: Software farm
> When I try to open one of the forms it gives an error attached the error in the attached image
> If there is more information on how to integrate Bootstrap or Bulma into gb.web, I would appreciate it if it would be possible to attach an example of how to get started
> I am on GAMBAS 3.18 and also tried on 3.17
> Thanks
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