[Gambas-user] Explanations about stock icons and dark theme

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Mon Feb 20 18:14:18 CET 2023

Perfectly. Thank you very much.

Best Regards

El lun, 20 feb 2023 a las 18:10, Benoit Minisini (<
benoit.minisini at gambas-basic.org>) escribió:

> Hi,
> I see a lot of mails about that, so let me try to clarify...
> The Picture[] array automatically adapts the returned picture to dark
> theme and right-to-left languages... except for stock icons (those with
> path beginning with 'icon:/' or 'flag:/').
> In the case of stock icons, the automatic adaptation is delegated to the
> Stock class of 'gb.form' (if 'gb.form' is loaded).
> But the Stock class actually does nothing. Only the default stock (the
> Gambas icons stored in the 'gb.form.stock' component) automatically
> handles dark theme and right-to-left language.
> If your icon theme (Application.Theme) is a standard desktop theme, then
> dark theme and rtl language are supposed to be handled by the desktop
> theme itself, and Gambas does nothing.
> Is the stock icons behaviour clearer?
> --
> Benoît Minisini.
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