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Bruce Steers bsteers4 at gmail.com
Sun Feb 19 14:00:46 CET 2023

My current goals....

Goal1: (almost complete)
Mpris, dbus interface/controller
I have made an object that gives your own MediaPlayer/MediaView an mpris
interface making it controlable/viewable by all apps that support mpris.
It's currently working a treat, even sound at Cinnamon applet works well.
(and somebody else using it said he was well impressed as he paused his
player on his computer and his phones kde.connect app popped up a player
control and he could operate his player from his phone)
The other class is an the other side of mpris that finds all available
mpris intrfaces and can get the data and control the players.
These just both need going through beta tests

Goal2: (getting there on some systems but struggling to find the best way)
I have this working pretty good on systems that have
org.gnome.SystemManager (mate, cinnamon) but not ones that do not (kde)
Using the Systems Inhibit routines to inhibit shutdown/logout/etc while the
program is running.
you create the object with a handler then its _Activate() event is
triggered on shutdown and won't allow shutdown till you respond with an
okay signal after saving data or something (or closing the program)

Goal3:  (i'm waaaay of on this one)
a class that reads jpeg/exif metadata
May we all accomplish our goals with moderate ease :)

On Sun, 19 Feb 2023 at 10:03, Fabien Bodard <gambas.fr at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> Goal of the month ,
> Having a module to allow autonomous apps
> Step 1 - AppImage
> Step 2 - FlatPack
> Step 3 - Snap ?
> Well I'm not sure that Flatpak and Snap are so interesting they look like
> to another parallel centralized package server?
> In other hand the appimage is a little bit like the windows(C) way ...
> embedded everything needed or close to. So the file is heavy ... but really
> portable if the kernel is > to 2.5.
> But being able to upgrade an application just by downloading a file or
> sharing a full game in a single file is something usefull...
> My minimum goal will be to reach the appimage support ;-)
> Have a nice day
> --
> Fabien Bodard
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