[Gambas-user] SDL and openGL

Bruce Steers bsteers4 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 17 17:41:50 CET 2023

I'm trying to advise somebody on a forum about SDL

They asked how to draw a circle as the wiki does not say anything.
I looked to see the SDL component does not do circle.

I responded with "gb.sdl2 is a fairly simple interface that does not
support much"

then thought maybe i'm missing something , it's also supposed to be
something to do with high end gfx libs.

So i looked for another way.

As SDL is a OpenGL related I thought to add gb.opengl component

Then suddenly i could see Image.Ellipse() and other methods.

But if i try to use them is says something like ...
Unknown Symbol Ellipse in class Image.

So something is amiss
either it's not working like it should or the IDE should not let me add the
component opengl if using SDL

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