[Gambas-user] Control GUI (Qt5) Gambas program via Standard Input

james at lixce.com james at lixce.com
Mon Feb 13 08:03:46 CET 2023

I noticed the same effect of the app not stoping when using the STATIC keyword.  Guess I need to dig into the interpreter source code and see if I can figure anything out which is unlikely because I'm just not that smart.

Brian G,
I'm passing data and control codes from one Gambas Gui application to another.  For example; I want my Weather program to update the current conditions in the Panel application that is always running, the menu based Launcher app requests the panel launch new programs so that the Panel app is the parent of the newly launched process and the Launcher app can exit cleanly, The Contact app requests the Browser open webpages and the Phone Dialer make calls, the Wordprocessor calls the Dictionary app to define a word, etc.  The single threaded nature of Gambas makes small programs that cooperate more responsive than large monolithic programs.  I can use Pipes or Watch files or even Signals to do these things but Standard In is the traditional (pre-DBUS ) way of doing it and, IF I can get it working, it is an elegant solution as Standard Input is automatically created by the Kernel in a well-documented location that can be derived from the PID of any running application.

J. Jordan

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