[Gambas-user] Problem with Component.Load("gb.xml.html")

Gianluigi gradobag at gradobag.it
Sat Feb 11 22:25:26 CET 2023

Il 11/02/23 18:50, T Lee Davidson ha scritto:
>> Hi,
>> So this attached code which, on our Italian forum, I had suggested 
>> and which seemed to have worked for the user, was incorrect, or has 
>> something changed?
> No, it is not incorrect, Gianluigi. The classes needed for the program 
> to interact with the database (no matter which specific driver is 
> used) are exposed to the compiler by the gb.db component which is 
> explicitly specified in the project's component list.
Hi Lee,

I thank you very much for the clarification, really helpful and...

I wish you a good evening


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