[Gambas-user] Spanish Translation updated #295.

Martin mbelmonte at belmotek.net
Sat Feb 11 11:38:14 CET 2023

Hi Benoit.

I have been talking with the previous translator of Gambas into Spanish, 
Jesús Guardón, about what strategy to follow to keep an up-to-date 
translation in the timeline. We believe that the best strategy to have 
Gambas translated is a single translation without localization that 
everyone can use regardless of region.

Currently there is es.po and es_ES.po and we want only es.po.
Then es_ES.po should be removed as it has not been maintained for more 
than a year.

I have made a merge request !295 a few days ago with the changes to the 
en.po file.
Could you please incorporate the changes to the master version.

Martín Belmonte

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