[Gambas-user] Selecting Month from DateBox ComboBox (gb.gui.qt) not working

BB adamnt42 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 9 18:33:33 CET 2023

On 10/2/23 3:39 am, Benoit Minisini wrote:
> Le 09/02/2023 à 17:36, Denis Crowther a écrit :
>> On 2/10/23 03:17, T Lee Davidson wrote:
>>> On 2/9/23 02:09, Safiur Rahman wrote:
>>>> Hi
>>>> When selecting Month name from ComboBox of DateBox (gb.gui.qt), the
>>>> pop up list closes but the month name is not changed. I am using
>>>> development version.
>>>> The screen recording is:
>>>> https://www.safiur.com.np/container/comboboxtest.mp4
>>> It may not be an accurate comparison, but the DataBox works as 
>>> expected here on the stable version. One cannot select only the 
>>> month. For the drop-down to close, a day also has to be selected.
>>> I can't see what you're doing by that video because it won't play. 
>>> The page says:
>>> "Video can't be played because the file is corrupt."
>> The video plays here in Brave Browser.
>> The date is all zero's.
>> He opens the drop down, the month is Feb.
>> Selects June and the drop down closes.
>> The date is still all zeros.
>> He opens the dropdown, the month is Feb
>> Selects August.
>> The dropdown closes and the date is still all zeros.
>> HTH
> It's a new strange bug with Qt5 that I didn't notice before.
> >hen you open a popup (the calendar) that opens another popup (the 
> combobox), and when you click, it closes the current popup, but the 
> other one too.
> It's internally done by Qt5, and I still don't understand why it does 
> that, and why it didn't do that before...
Yet it doesn't happen with DateChooser???

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