[Gambas-user] Selecting Month from DateBox ComboBox (gb.gui.qt) not working

Denis Crowther denisc at exemail.com.au
Thu Feb 9 17:36:17 CET 2023

On 2/10/23 03:17, T Lee Davidson wrote:
> On 2/9/23 02:09, Safiur Rahman wrote:
>> Hi
>> When selecting Month name from ComboBox of DateBox (gb.gui.qt), the
>> pop up list closes but the month name is not changed. I am using
>> development version.
>> The screen recording is:
>> https://www.safiur.com.np/container/comboboxtest.mp4
> It may not be an accurate comparison, but the DataBox works as expected 
> here on the stable version. One cannot select only the month. For the 
> drop-down to close, a day also has to be selected.
> I can't see what you're doing by that video because it won't play. The 
> page says:
> "Video can't be played because the file is corrupt."

The video plays here in Brave Browser.

The date is all zero's.
He opens the drop down, the month is Feb.
Selects June and the drop down closes.
The date is still all zeros.
He opens the dropdown, the month is Feb
Selects August.
The dropdown closes and the date is still all zeros.



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