[Gambas-user] merge request 296 , SidePanel auto-hide problem

Bruce Steers bsteers4 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 9 06:34:41 CET 2023

I think i cracked it Ben
I first thought to make auto-hide and transparent handles mutually
(though it seemed wrong)

Then i thought to make it shrink down to 1 or 2 px if transparent handles
and auto-hide to ensure mouse detection but it showed pixels of the panels
objects that was ugly.

Then i noticed this in the SidePanel.class Hidden_Write() method..

Private Sub Hidden_Write(bHidden As Boolean)

  If $hForm.IsAutoHide() Then Return


That of course preventing pressing the Console/Notes/etc buttons and search
results from showing/hiding panDebug if $hForm.IsAutoHide()

Commenting out that has all the buttons and search results showing as
expected (it seems un-needed, maybe we want to show the panel even if
auto-hide is set?)

Of course now if you have auto-hide and transparent handles set it will not
auto-show but i think this could be expected

So after 5 commits i narrowed it down to placing a single ' char :)
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