[Gambas-user] DataSource Save and DataBrowser Find malfunktions

Gianluigi gradobag at gradobag.it
Thu Aug 24 11:50:55 CEST 2023

Il 23/08/23 23:57, Benoît Minisini ha scritto:
>> Thanks for the video. Can you try by setting 'DB.Debug = True' at 
>> program start? I need that only for the MySQL case.
> Can you try 'DB.Debug = True' with PostgreSQL too? Only when you save 
> the date and you get the "Type mismatch error".
> Note that I don't have any error on my PostgreSQL here, strange!
> Regards,
Hi Benoit,

the debug part related to "Type mismatch error" is :

2023-08-24 11:42:44.626 gb.db.postgresql: 0x55e2ad1df030: SELECT * FROM 
"t_flowers" WHERE "id_flower" = 7
2023-08-24 11:42:44.627 gb.db.postgresql: 0x55e2ad1df030: select 
pg_attribute.attname, pg_attribute.atttypid::int, 
pg_attribute.atttypmod, pg_attribute.attnotnull, pg_get_expr(adbin, 
adrelid) AS adsrc, pg_attribute.atthasdef, pg_collation.collname from 
pg_class, pg_attribute LEFT JOIN pg_catalog.pg_attrdef  ON 
(pg_attrdef.adnum = pg_attribute.attnum AND pg_attrdef.adrelid = 
pg_attribute.attrelid) LEFT JOIN pg_collation ON (pg_collation.oid = 
pg_attribute.attcollation) where pg_class.relname = 't_flowers' and 
(pg_class.relnamespace in (select oid from pg_namespace where nspname = 
'public')) and pg_attribute.attnum > 0 and not pg_attribute.attisdropped 
and pg_attribute.attrelid = pg_class.oid
2023-08-24 11:42:44.629 gb.db.postgresql: 0x55e2ad1df030: select 
pg_att1.attname, pg_att1.atttypid::int, pg_cl.relname from pg_attribute 
pg_att1, pg_attribute pg_att2, pg_class pg_cl, pg_index pg_ind, pg_class 
pg_table where pg_table.relname = 't_flowers' AND pg_table.oid = 
pg_att1.attrelid AND pg_cl.oid = pg_ind.indexrelid and 
(pg_cl.relnamespace in (select oid from pg_namespace where nspname = 
'public')) and pg_ind.indisprimary and pg_att2.attrelid = 
pg_ind.indexrelid and pg_att1.attrelid = pg_ind.indrelid and 
pg_att1.attnum = pg_ind.indkey[pg_att2.attnum-1] order by pg_att2.attnum

I apologize for too much information:



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