[Gambas-user] Safety for collections

BB adamnt42 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 22 13:08:19 CEST 2023

There is probably a simple way to do this, damned if I can see how.

I have a collection of things (datObjects) that have a property 
(ObjectName::string) that in UML terms are Unique and ID. What I am 
trying to do is prevent the _replacement_ of an object in the collection 
if the ObjectName is already there. Better still, I'd like to warn the 
user when they enter the ObjectName that it already exists.

The input form has a TextBox for the ObjectName and a "save" button. The 
latter updates the collection, whose key is the ObjectName, either 
adding or amending the item in the collection. So I kind of need to do this:

1) Are they really trying to add a new item or update an existing one?

If adding then prevent them from overwriting one with the same 
ObjectName, otherwise if amending then only allow changes to the other 
data and not the ObjectName.

2) Then update the collection accordingly.

Is that clear? It isn't to me. Any input would really be appreciated.


p.s. I am trying to avoid having separate Add and Update buttons for 

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