[Gambas-user] A question for Lee

Gianluigi gradobag at gradobag.it
Thu Aug 10 18:52:40 CEST 2023

Il 10/08/23 11:31, Gianluigi ha scritto:
> Hi Marco & Bruce
> Thank you very much for the explanations, to make sure I understand 
> the summary:
> - ODBC is able to return the result with all the tuples of the query.
> - Unfortunately the result is not enumerated.
> - If we try to use the result in the traditional ways it will fail.
> - We need to read the result one tuple at a time and save it as shown 
> by Lee.
> Another thanks to all of you :-)
> Gianluigi


Also, instead of using a loop, we can just as well use the sub 
I tried with a million Data Result and it shows within seconds.



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