[Gambas-user] Gambas packages installation on Manjaro

Jorge Carrión shordi at gmail.com
Tue Aug 1 10:31:43 CEST 2023

This summer thing is very dangerous: every year I embark on something that
later is not always useful for anything. This year it's Manjaro's turn.

I have installed Manjaro KDE (first I installed KDE neon, but it was too
"ubuntu" and the only new thing to learn was the interface configuration,
which didn't motivate me too much).

In the Manjaro repositories lives Gambas3 3.18.2, which is the penultimate
version. I want the latest stable, that is 3.18.3.
No problemo. On the Gambas3 page there are precise instructions that with
copy-paste work wonderfully. Gambas3 installed. Okay

I try some of my projects from the IDE. Perfect.

Now you have to install those of my programs that I always install. The
handling of the keys, the Casio screen, the writing novels, the music
player, etc. etc... and that's where I crash.

Arch has its equivalent of Ubuntu's apt, the pacman. It's super powerful
and cool... for managing packages in repositories. The problem is that when
installing gambas3 from the source, according to pacman gambas3 is not
installed, therefore the packages with my programs do not meet the
dependencies and cannot be installed.

One of the cool options in pacman is to create your own repository but
before I get into that...
Is there a way to install my packages in Manjaro without installing Gambas3
from a repository?

Has anyone using Arch faced this issue?

Best Regards
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