[Gambas-user] gb.chart pre-reqs?

KKing kicking177 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 26 09:24:35 CEST 2023

Hi Gianluigi

> you might try the latest stable version of the component found at this
> address:
> https://gitlab.com/gambas/gambas/-/tree/stable/comp/src/gb.chart
> download the component as a compressed file by clicking on an extension
> under Download this directory if instead you do it from Download source
> code you download all the source code of Gambas3 stable latest version.
> Once you have downloaded the component you unzip it in the traditional
> way (it is too complex to be unzipped directly from the IDE).
> Open the Gambas IDE and navigate to the folder where you saved
> gambas-stable-comp-src-gb.chart > comp > src > gb.chart and Open it.
> Now all you have to do is run FTest as usual, if it works it means that
> the version of Gambas3 found on Debian 11 by default is buggy.
I think I followed that, and FTest looks okay.
If I import FTest and some of the data and images into my test project 
it also looks okay so I will need to look into differences between the 
wiki code and what is in FTest.

many thanks

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