[Gambas-user] Bug in SpinBox.Text?

Gianluigi gradobag at gradobag.it
Tue Apr 25 17:20:06 CEST 2023

Il 25/04/23 16:57, T Lee Davidson ha scritto:
> On 4/25/23 10:40, Gianluigi wrote:
>> I don't understand, you're using it in a form, what's the reason you 
>> don't want to check gb.form?
>> It seems logical that it could give malfunctions.
> It is not a matter of whether or not I want to enable the gb.form 
> component. It is simply a matter of it not being required to have a 
> functional graphical application.
> If I don't need the additional, enhanced controls provided by gb.form, 
> then why enable it? SpinBox is not provided by gb.form and, therefore, 
> its lack of use in the project should have no effect on behavior 
> unless it causes a conflict with another component. And, when trying 
> to isolate a bug, it makes sense to eliminate, as much as possible, 
> any potential causes including component conflicts.

Hi Lee,

It seemed strange to me that you could be wrong and in fact....
I don't know what I saw but here the malfunction exists even if you 
check gb.form.
Maybe in the first test I repositioned the two properties to false, I 
The rumbling is confirmed and now I am more serene :-)

I wish you a good day


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